The Romance of Autumn

I am writing this blog entry while travelling. Actually I am at 37,000 feet just south of Cologne heading to Prague. When I travel I find I am at my most reflective, and it’s a great opportunity to ponder and gather my thoughts – ‘house keeping of the brain’ so to speak.

So what prompted this was a stroll in the park a few days ago with my wife, Gail. I spent a lot of time outdoors as a kid especially enjoyed the chill mornings and warm days of autumn with the unique pungent smells and colours the season brings.

My childhood memories also included elements of foraging for apples, blackberries, elderberries and even mushrooms. Our first holiday as a couple was a cottage in the Lake District in October and the days we spent in a magical corner of England was blessed with glorious weather showing off the hills and valleys beautifully.

Then for a long time I lost touch with nature and over the last few years since taking up cycling I’m discovering it again. This time from a different perspective, observing the contrast of what the seasons bring and also how they affect me. Summer brings long days, sleepless nights and an overactive mind dragging me down as the nights grow longer in the run up to Autumn I sleep better, think more clearly and I feel more alive. As a result, I feel more relaxed, easy going and I feel I become more truer to myself. I also feel I get on top of my tasks and procrastinate less at work.

I read ‘Home’ by Francis Pryor, a retired archaeologist, and in his book he perfectly explains the circle of life and how our ancestors were deeply connected to the coming & going of seasons and the years. The penny dropped, as deep within my brain that is wired to modern life, it is still Mother Nature that has the over riding say.

So for me autumn brings more than the notional romance of the season, it brings relief and is a big part of my personal circle of life.

So, dear reader, how much are you in touch with the seasons of the year? And what effect do they have on you?

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