Life as an Engineer

Okays folks, todays blog is much later than planned and will be brief.

I trained as an engineer and some 27 years later engineering still runs through my veins. Part of our the global engineering brethren is a common language found in food and drink along with tech conversation. So despite my best endeavours to have a tame evening it fell apart because I enjoyed the company of Jiri and Libor who are, like me, at heart engineers and more importantly I am in the Czech Republic so it would be rude not to share in the local brew.

So what make us special? I guess the fact we like figuring solutions to problems when we describe the problems we end up speaking the same language. In fact if I would hazard a guess the world we be a better place if it was run by engineers although decisions would be taken even more slowly as we are notoriously risk averse!

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