Session Timed Out

I’ve a real issue with time. I’ve run out…so where did it go wrong what did I do today?

22:30 to 22:15 make MrsA some tea and take the dog out.

22:15 to 21:15 watched ‘World on Fire’.

21:15 to 20:30 shaved, showered made tea.

20:30 to 19:30 cleaned up, put rubbish in skip, tools in drawer and wheely bins out.

19:30 to 18:45 painted Peter and carefully removed masking tape and touched up as needed.

18:45 to 18:30 washed up.

18:30 to 18:00 found and booked a hotel in Gutersloh. Text Hans-Gerd.

18:00 to 17:45 ate.

17:45 to 17:00 prepared evening meal. Spoke to Amy.

17:00 to 13:30 painting which after multiple coats on the ceiling a flaw in the plaster needed flatten revealing a patch called Peter. Caught up on work email and diary.

13:30 to 12:15 took Amy to station. Called mum as brother in hospital.

12:15 to 12:00 ate lunch. Checked in for tomorrow’s flight.

12:00 to 11:00 painting.

11:00 to 10:00 shopping at Aldi.

10:00 to 9:15 painting.

9:15 to 8:15 breakfast and proof read Amy’s report. Fed dog and washed up.

8:15 to 7:15 watched ‘Life on Mars’.

7:15 to 07:00 got up late and made a brew.

Hardly the most exciting blog but who cares? It’s made me feel better!

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